Cartoons and humorous pictures about early balloon flight in Europe

Humorous pictures

[Humorous pictures showing damaged Chinese battleships receiving first aid and Chinese men running with sails (as from Chinese junks) on their backs and carrying rifles]

[Humorous pictures showing various Chinese clothing and grooming habits]

[Humorous pictures showing the Chinese mode of transportation (four men harnessed to a carriage by their long pigtails) and a scene depicting the silk industry]

[Humorous pictures showing Chinese military tactics]

[Humorous pictures depicting the Chinese]

[Humorous pictures showing Chinese religious practices (may include Raijin, the Japanese God of Thunder, seated in front in bottom cartoon)]

Those ridiculous questions; Mary and her little lamb

[Four humorous scenes]

[Letter with eleven humorous sketches, from Whistler to Paul, headed "Baltimore, Sunday night -- am (Down -- derry down)"]

[Humorous portrayal of a man who flies with wings attached to his tunic]

[Humorous scene of k.o.'d boxer being carried away]

[Nine humorous vignettes of a woman looking at her reflection in two mirrors, crowded stagecoach being loaded, insolvent man refusing to get out of bed, man walking on ceiling, John Bull and ...

[Blank showcard with humorous illustrations]

[Humorous sketches]

Stereographs of sentimental and humorous scenes

Stereographs of a farm couple in a humorous situation

Things as they ought to be; kid cut ups puzzle, How did Noah get the animals into the ark?

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