Champion hunting dogs shown to President Hoover. The champion hunting dogs of the country were brought to the White House today where they were shown to President Hoover, who is an ardent ...

A real hunting dog--this wire hair fox is always hunting for food and he finds it

[Hunting dogs at the Imperial Farms at Kağıthane]

[Theodore Roosevelt and other men on horseback with a pack of hunting dogs]

[Hunting dog standing in front of rock with bushes and tall grass in the background]

[Two hunting dogs]

Hunting dog

[Full-length of four men posed with rifles, hunting dog, and a brace of game birds]

Hunting dogs

Photographs of wood carvings, mainly wall placques, of hunting dogs and game birds

[Bird hunting with dogs]

[Fox hunting scene showing dogs in pursuit, with men on horseback, one of whom cries "hold hard my lads"]

[Two hunters and their dogs resting after hunting rabbits and birds]

First little bear - dogs below

Dogs at foot of bear tree

[One hunter shooting rabbits accompanied by his dog]

A pack of fox hounds and their victims - two prairie wolves and a gray fox - a hunting camp, Kansas

Sportsmens depot established in 1826. John Krider, gun maker, dealer in fishing tackle and all kinds of sporting apparatus, N.E. corner 2nd & Walnut sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Diana hunting the stag

A day's hunting - breaking cover