Hurdle racing

Perfect form--Marion Mary Fitting, of the Pasedena Athletic Club, clears a hurdle during training for international women's meet at Prague

"Wait -- we're working on a hurdle event"

"But first the high hurdles"

[Babe Didrikson Zaharias clears hurdle at track meet in Jersey City, N.J.]

A Hurdle race, U.S. Naval Academy field day

Turkish school pictures

Photo finish

A pretty high bar to clear

Keep fit ... get your test now

Oui à la France qui gagne : Pourla France que nous aimons, Jacques Chirac et le RPR

[Senator Dirksen dumping Governor Scranton from Illinois platform]

Going "over the top" - Pasadena, Cal.

Running races

St. Patrick's Day in the army--A hurdle race

[Man holding a riding crop]

Die Barnum & Bailey groesste schaustellung der welt Der welt grösstes, grossartigstes, bestes amusements-institut.