Have you a strong will? or, How to develop and strengthen will-power, memory, or any other faculty or attribute of the mind, by the easy process of self-hypnotism /

Childbirth movie

Hypnosis in dentistry

Toy test hypnotism


Dust jackets from books on tricks, stunts, games, hypnotism, psychology, and other subjects of interest to magicians, ca. 1900-50


Magic poster collection (Library of Congress)

The Family upstairs. Now you know what the idea is professor ...

"Look at all the research we have to do"

Mandrake the Magician. Reaching the road block, Mandrake gestures hypnotically at the plane robbers--

"You don't remember either -- you don't remember either "

[Hypnotist directing group of people to do unusual things: woman riding man, man playing broom like a guitar, two men embracing]

[Hypnotist directing people to do unusual activities: woman playing table like a keyboard instrument, man riding chair like a racehorce, men using broom and umbrella as musical instruments, man with whiskey bottle]

[Hypnotist directing group of people to do unusual things: man wearing women's clothing and feathered hat, man using cane as fishing pole, man driving another man like a horse and carriage]

Coming! Aitken & Watson Mesmeric Co. will commence a series of entertainments in mesmerism! to be held in G.A.R. Hall, Attleboro, Mass. on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, April 28 & 29, 1885.

Barnum the hypnotist

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L. Flint

The great McEwen, famous Scottish hypnotist

MacKnight, hypnotic fun maker