Ugly Americanism (ug'-li a-mer'-i-can-ism), n. a kind of hypocrisy where the richest country in the world talks about human rights while developing a neutron bomb

Social hypocrisies, and the painful scenes they save us from

Preventive medicine not costly operations. Hippocratic oath not hypocrisy. Socialize medicine

Ousted TVA Chairman tells his story. Washington, D.C., May 25. Appearing as the first witness before the Joint Congressional TVA Investigating Committee today, Dr. Arthur E. Morgan deposed Chairman of the Tennessee ...

Hears charges of ousted TVA Chairman. Washington, D.C., May 25. Listeners may hear no good of themselves, but, David E. Lillienthal, Co-Director of the tennessee Valley Authority, certainly cupped his ear today ...


The race question--privately and publically explained

Feiffer. I'm for campaign finance reform

Simply to this cross I cling

College fun, or quizzing the proctor

Sister, your blind is disarranged


Circumstances alter cases. It is most humiliating ...

Circumstances alter cases. We are very poor ...

"The federal government mustn't become too paternal!"

The court's abortion decision is an affirmation of our progress in protecting human life!

Oh, I approve of arresting everyone who passes toxic substances to fetuses, and I mean ... everyone!

The friend of humanity and the knife-grinder,-scene. The borough, in imitation of Mr. Southey's sapphics,-Vide. Anti-Jacobin, p. 15

[Portly man walking with arms outstretched]