[Utensils of the "officer de bouche", particularly the copper "cave", where ice cream or ices were kept in wooden ice buckets while waiting service, and different moulds]

Gingrich / ice bucket

Gingrich / ice-bucket

Ice buckets

Bon Ton Burlesquers 365 days ahead of them all.

[Buffalo Bills quarterback Jack Kemp soaks his right elbow in a bucket of ice during a game]


AMERICAN RED CROSS in North Russia. A typical gorup of French, Americans, and Russians near the AMERICAN RED CROSS warehouse in Archangel. Here are great comrades, and both are prime favorites with ...

Restoration of the Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.,

Moord, hongersnood ... en nu venerische ziekten

Silly season

Times have changed

This is the man who tells his wife that "woman's place is in the home"

No chance to criticize


Chocolate sundae. Here is the ice cream and in the "oil can" is the chocolate syrup. By the appearance of the man on the right business is poor Roumanian trains never fail ...

Banquet hall at Hotel Waldorf

The United States abroad

Now that everyone has advanced his little idea explaining their presence

Oh, doctor!

Germany's "Katzenjammer"