Walrus[es] among the ice floes in Bering Sea

Sea jeeps. After breaking through the shore ice, the Ford-built amphibian car makes its way through ice floes and water at a good speed

[Ice floes in the Arctic]

Walrus killed on ice floes off Siberian Coast, Bering Sea by G. Madsen, June 1909

[Ice floes in Niagara Falls]

Ice floes

Goldes hunter on skis on ice floe, with spear and rifle

Memphis, Tennessee. Ice floes in Mississippi River

Main crossing of Niagara River between Fort Erie, Canada, and Squaw Island, New York, consisting of seven Pratt through-truss spans and one through-truss swing span (fixed since the 1940s). View looking northeast ...

Stereographs from the series Ice scenes, Cape Cod, Winter of 1875

Seals on pancake ice

Chandler Fjord looking tword [i.e. toward] east Taken from moving ice, to the westward of Miller Island. At the break on centre of picture Chandler Fjord.

Floating ice, Taku Inlet

Yukon River: Anchor ice rising

The breaking ice, Yukon River, May 8, 1905

Yukon River: The going out of the ice

Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic last moments of the Endurance.

Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic Endurance for two months before she sank in the Weddell Sea on Oct. 27, 1915.

The romantic spectacle, Under the polar star written by Clay M. Greene.

"How can I stop the hot air that's melting this glacier?"