A young American team repels one of many charges by the Russian Olympic champion team -- Winter Olympics Innsbruck, Austria 1976

First American Olympic hockey team

[Ice hockey game between Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers for Stanley Cup, showing Rangers Jackie Gordon, Harry Lumley and Leo Reise]

[Action shot of Herb Brooks, right wing on U.S. Nationals ice hockey team, making a shot on the ice]

Herbert P. Brooks, 1960 U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey Squad

[Two images of men playing ice hockey, Czechoslovakia]

[Photograph shows an ice hockey game, with players' uniforms marked Washington and Pennsylvania]

Ice hockey

Ice hockey players

Production. Airplane manufacture, general. A group of employees at the Inglewood, California, plant of North American Aviation, discuss the evening inter-department softball game with Ken Kellough, recreation director. The recreation department sponsors ...

A group of employees discuss the evening interdepartmental softball game with Ken Kellough, recreation director at North American. The recreation department sponsors softball, baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, boxing, golf, track, bowling, ice ...

Redwings -- Detroit Wings

Hockey -- Orr/Howe

Hockey -- Jean Beliveau

Canadian hockey

Hockey -- Bobby Hull, Chicago Blackhawks

Gordy Howe -- hockey

Hockey goalie action

Ted Lindsay (hockey)

Hockey -- Montreal Canadiens