Illustration : 12 Monatsblätter für 1965.

Cantor lectures on the art of book and newspaper illustration /

[Man rolling out "List of Illustrations" carpet; woman beating "List of Illustrations" rug]

Illustrations prepared for the memorial edition of the Works of George Meredith : 60 photogravures and 4 collotypes of reproductions of manuscripts.

An historical and practical guide to art illustration, in connection with books, periodical, and general decoration.

Cantor lectures on book illustration, old and new /

[Poster showing scientific illustrations of butterfly specimens, taken in the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg]

Mitchell collection of American book illustrations and portrait prints

[Small wood engraving book illustration of Christ praying while disciples sleep, soldiers approach in background, illustration cut from a Bible]

Illustrations (three hundred and thirty-six engravings) from the Art Gallery of the World's Columbian Exposition.

[2 full pages from Albert Johannsen, Phiz Illustrations from the Novels of Dickens (Hablot Knight Browne), showing comparative illustrations and footnotes; both sets of illus. are from Pickwick Papers]

Illustrations des Oeuvres de Frédéric le Grand /

Illustrations accompanying the report of the engineer-in-chief, H.C. Mais ... on his tour during 1883.

Cabinet of American Illustration (CAI) Addenda. Original drawings include numerous small sketches for political cartoons (possibly by W.A. Rogers) and unattributed sketches of furnishings, figures, cats, etc. Large drawings of Franklin Delano ...

[Illustrations from microfilmed books and loose illustrations from the Library's general collections]

A tale of the Thames / by J. Ashby-Sterry ; with illustrations in verse by the author and 15 illustrations in black and white by W. Hatherell.

[Page 5 of the Atlantian, fall-winter 1959 issue, containing an illustration of a shakedown in a prison and illustration of cells by Russian inmate Rudolph Abel]

[Miscellaneous woodblocks for illustrations in books and magazines published by the Appleton-Century Company, all apparently dating from before 1875; includes blocks for illustrations by F. O. C. Darley to Cooper's The Pilot]

61. Photocopy of illustration 'North German Lloyd New Terminal, Hoboken, New Jersey. VIEW OF HEADHOUSE AND WEST UPLAND AREA, LOOKING EAST. (From an unidentified source. Illustration by W. F. Whittemore, 1902) - ...

Baker and Bandit; Friendly dragon and princess; Frightened rider on horse; While the yak by the swamp; New ornerythology; [cover illustration and page of illustration]