[Immigration Station, Ellis Island, New York, exterior view of building and interior view of registry floor]

[Recently arrived persons, Ellis Island, N.Y.]

A representative of the New York Bible Society distributing bibles and religious literature to the emigrants at Ellis Island, New York City

[Physicians examining a group of Jewish immigrants]

Immigrants, Ellis Island

[Recently arrived persons at Ellis Island, N.Y.]

[Emigrants in "pens" at Ellis Island, New York, probably on or near Christmas --note the decorations]

U.S. inspectors examining eyes of immigrants, Ellis Island, New York Harbor

Landing at Ellis Island

Immigrants just arrived from Foreign Countries--Immigrant Building, Ellis Island, New York Harbor

Immigrants just arrived, awaiting examination, Ellis Island, New York harbor

Immigration processing reenactment inside the Ellis Island immigration station, Jersey City, New Jersey

Ellis Island, New Immigration Building, New York Harbor, New York County, NY

Final discharge from Ellis Island--

Immigrant Landing Station, N.Y.

Ellis Island. New York City

New York. Ellis Island

Activities at Ellis Island Immigration Station

Immigration station, Angel Island, Cal.

Ellis Island, Contagious Disease Hospital Isolation Ward I, New York Harbor, New York County, NY