Imperial card photographs

Photographs of African American life from the Marian S. Carson collection

Michael J. "King" Kelly

Elk Tongue and his daughter, A-ke-a (A Nice Walk)

[Ellen M. Henrotin, Vice president, World's Congress of Women, Chicago, 1893, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing slightly right]

Scout Mobiel, in Kiowa war time costume

[Mrs. Alphonso Taft with Maria Herron and Fanny Taft, full-length portrait, facing left]

[Unidentified Civil War veteran in United Confederate Veterans uniform with Southern Cross of Honor medal]

[Hung-chang Li, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

[...]ate chapel at Mrs. Ryan's residence, Suffern, N.Y.

The front parlor of the Hermitage, the home of General Andrew Jackson

Dining room at the Hermitage, the home of General Andrew Jackson

Hallway of the Hermitage, the home of General Andrew Jackson

General Andrew Jackson's bedroom in the Hermitage

Card photographs

Oklahoma migratory workers washing in a hot spring in the desert. Imperial Valley, California

Mexican cantaloupe pickers at 5:00 a.m. Imperial Valley, California. Gang labor. Harvests on contract by the crate. On these large ranches immediately adjacent to the border, Mexican pickers cross daily into the ...

Grower's camp for pickers on large pea ranch along ditch bank. Growers' camps in Imperial Valley and elsewhere have been much improved this year largely because of influence of Farm Security Administion ...

Imperial Valley, California, Mexican. He tells his story: he helped drive the French out of Mexico, fought against Maximilian, and he has, by serving the crops for many years, help build up ...

Driving in a bunch of cattle which will be shipped to market. Imperial County, California. This is a herd of Mexican cattle and is not typical of the high grade beef cattle ...