Portraits of Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska

Indian encampment, Dalles of the Columbia, May 1860

Indian encampment

Indian encampment, Tobacco Plains, Kootenay [i.e., Kootenai] River - fish trap in the foreground, 1861

Cheyenne Indian encampment

Indian encampments

An Indian encampment near Fort Niagra, in the time of the Revolution. The boy, Frederick Schermerhorn, is seen to the left, just starting on the periolous race of the gauntlet

On the St. Lawrence: Indian encampment

Dakota Indian portraits and views

Native American portraits

Blackfeet Indian portraits and encampments

Crow portraits and camp scenes

Battle of Washita, Indian Territory fought by General Custer 7th U.S. Cavalry Nov. 27th 1868 /

Sinkiuse-Columbia, Nespelim, and Nez Percé Indians on Colville Indian Reservation

Crow fair

Crow Indians at Crow Agency, Montana

Native American life in the Plains region

Portraits of individuals and groups of Native Americans

Native Americans of the Southwest

Portraits of Native Americans