Indian interpreters

The Interview. Standing Elk, No. 1; Running Hog, No. 2; Little Wolf, No. 3; Col. Oelrich, No. 4; Interpreter, No. 5

Four Mojave Indian chiefs--The second file from the left is "Rowdy", a Yuma Indian, acting as interpreter

Interpreters, Indian (Not Used for Indexing)

Republican vice-presidential nominee serves as interpreter for Indian squaw

Portraits of Sioux, Blackfeet and other tribes

Louis the interpreter & matador de los Apaches Pasquial, Pimo [i.e., Pima] captain - fond of agriculture.

[Indian delegation in the White House Conservatory during the Civil War, with J.G. Nicolay, President Abraham Lincoln's secretary, standing in center back row and interpreter John Simpson Smith at back left]

U.S. allotting surveyor and his interpreter making an American citizen of Chief American Horse, Oglala Sioux

James Stevens


Paddy-carr. Creek interpreter

Jackson, interpreter at Kotzebue

Abraham, [runaway slave] a Negro interpreter who lived with the Seminoles

Council between General Crook and Geronimo

Alexander Faribault House, 12 Northeast First Avenue, Faribault, Rice County, MN

Council between Geronimo and General Crook

Portraits of American Horse

Group of Sioux Indians "Spotted Tail" (photo c. 1875) Standing: Joe Merrivale; Young Spotted Tail; Antoine Janis; Seated: Touch-the-Clouds; Little Big Man; Black Coal; last two are rapoves[?] indentified by George E. ...

Closing scenes of the Apache war

Handsell, 4837 Indiantown Road, Vienna, Dorchester County, MD