Sioux Reservation Life in South Dakota

Dakota Indian portraits and views

Sinkiuse-Columbia, Nespelim, and Nez Percé Indians on Colville Indian Reservation

Crow portraits and camp scenes

Tuberculosis spreader

A barber's shop at Standing Rock, Dakota Territory--an Indian chief having his hair dressed

Beds are a rarity - the floor must do

Mohawk basket makers at Saint Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation

Indian photographing tourist photographing Indians. Crow Fair, Montana, 1991

[Navajo man and woman sitting on floor in a hogan]

Portraits of Native Americans, Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon

Native American veterans. Flag song - Fort Berthold

Animals in the hogan

Inside an Indian tepee

Ponca Indian sun dance at the Ponca Reservation, Indian Territory

Sioux Indians at Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota

Flathead (Salish) and Kalispel Indians on Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana

Crow fair

Warm Spring fancy work maker

Indian Jim with three sons