[Indigenous peoples outside of log building]

Indigenous peoples

[Architecture, landscapes, nudes, night scenes; portraits and one self portrait; some taken in Caracas, Venezuela; indigenous people of Venezuela and the Philippines, still life]

[Indigenous people in domestic activities, one of whom is making a fire]

[Group of tourists with indigenous people in cemetery outside walls of Jerusalem]

[Cairo(?). Three indigenous people in prayer]

[Group of tourists with indigenous people outside walls of Jerusalem]

[Students, Aşiret School]

[Students, Aşiret School]

[Student, Aşiret School]

[Student, Aşiret School]

[Students, Aşiret School]

Somaliland protectorate, district commissioner presides at a tribal meeting

[Students, Aşiret School]

[Views of a religious procession, soldiers (possibly Cossacks), a government building, and people in indigenous dress, possibly in Russia]

[Man lecturing native people under a tree]

[Group of twenty people in front of tent in the Sahelian Zone of West Africa during drought]

Famille de Bischarins

Das allegrösste Bilder ABC. I/J

Balboa Park, California Tower, Balboa Park, El Prado Area, San Diego, San Diego County, CA