Industrial arbitration

Don't choke & rob workers of the right to strike : So-called voluntary arbitration, a trap for the worker : Oppose arbitration tribunal!

Arbitration is the true balance of power. Puck: "Don't meddle with the hands, gentlemen - this pendulum is the only thing to regulate that clock!"

Strike Arbitration Commission appointed by President Roosevelt

Arbitration in a strike

May Day pledge--Stop! compulsory arbitration : P.P.P. onward to Socialism

Some important pieces of defense equipment


I'm going back to Washington, John, but I want you to stay on the job

Operator and miner: "De-lighted (?)"

Maybe their eyes are bigger than their stomachs

Their best friend

A hard baby to bring up

Some stunt for Samuel

Capital and labor and the umpire

[Mexican President Lazaro Cardenas meeting with oil labor leaders in the Tamaulipas State, Mexico]

[Father Coughlin, full-length from behind, with arms raised and holding a bible, facing a crowd of striking workers with two sheriffs(?) standing behind him]

The face at the window


[Representatives of steel talks leaving White House after session. Left to right: Arthur J. Goldberg, general counsel, United Steel Workers; Philip Murray, president, USW; John Stephens, vice president, U.S. Steel; Ben Morrell, ...