Che 40-hoe Taehan Minʾguk Sanŏp Dijain Chŏllamhoe The 40th Korea Industrial Design Exhibition.

10 years of industrial design, 1929-1939 /

[Industrial design drawing for the Moskvitch automobile, B series, designed for the Soviet Union]

[Industrial design drawing for Moskvitch automobile, D series, designed for the Soviet Union]

Art and the machine : an account of industrial design in 20th-century America /

[Industrial design drawing for Cornell-Liberty safety car, "A" series, with recommended specifications]

Industrial design drawings for an airplane ("Evans Monoplane")

Industrial design drawings for an airplane ("Evans Cargo Airplane")

Industrial design drawings for land, air, sea, and space vehicles ("Air Force One, Avanti, Extra Vehicular Activity, Space Maintenance Taxi, T-1 Locomotive, hydrofoil, Skylab, and Moonlanding")

[Industrial design, architectural drawings and related material]

Industrial design

Industrial design drawings

Hanminjok, ŏullim

The growth of industrial art /

Industrial designs by Joe Funk, Ottumwa Art Center

2005 venture design award

Architectural drawings for the conversion of a car garage ("Navy Yard car barn") into a bus garage for Capital Transit Company, One-half Street and M Street, S.E., Washington, D.C.

Side view, "Oliver" 61-71-81 tractor

[Blue automobile for Raymond Mathewson Hood]

[Logo for Lyons Transportation Company of Erie, Pennsylvania]