Industrial productivity

Aumentar la productividad de los campos y fabricas es aumentar la combatividad de los Frentes

What are we afraid of?

Productivity, Industrial (Not Used for Indexing)

[Poster showing views of life in China, including: Mao Tse-tung addressing large group of people, view in manufacturing plant, textiles in store, girls doing needlework, girl using microscope in laboratory, industrial map, ...

[Industry and idleness.] Plate 3. Plate 4

Lest we regret ...

"No, Wilbur!"

A bird in the hand

[Factory in full production with smoke forming a huge figure labeled, "U.S. production capacity," saluting man labeled, "Nelson"]

The tides of battle

Stop Hitler now!

"Remember when we used to fear 'overproduction'?"

Key letters in the war effort

The race against time

War calendar

Statement from a friend

Pour it on!

"They're still there, boss!"

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