Industrial trusts

The Gospel according to Hoover

The Senate that trusts build

The two trusts

A case of learned ignorance - why can't he trust his naked eyes?

As to the beef trust

The trusts - the tariff - the nigger in the woodpile

Nursery rhymes for infant industries. An alphabet of joyous trusts--no. 5

[Trust figure with the mortgage of a destitute family]

Beating the sugar trust

The beef trust - don't shoot I'll come down

The trusts. Don't you, as a mother, think young boys ...

The kind of anti-trust legislation that is needed

[One approach to combating inflation could be trust-busting, fragmenting giant unions and giant corporations alike. But that's politically implausible]

["Flour trust" barrel barges in on Uncle Sam busy with the 56th Congress]

A criminal trust brought to justice

The trusts. Hard times? : Well, they make me laugh ...

We are thankful there is no turkey trust yet

[Slivers as the trusts clown holding hoop for "G.O.P." elephant to jump through]

[Trust trombone band]