"Inflation is coming! Inflation is coming! This is a recorded announcement"

Inflation. Hitler's ally. This is the story of the Jones family and what might have happened to them had no government action been taken to keep down the cost of living and ...

Inflation. Hitler's ally. Uncontolled inflation would play right into Hitler's hands. A discontented population, rich with worthless money, a people powerless to prevent the unnecessary privations inflicted upon them, is just the ...

Price control. Anti-inflation window display. Using two-color tickets to show the consumer what might have happened if the government had not established the system of price control and required all stores to ...

Price control. Anti-inflation window display. The joint effort of the government and merchant to prevent inflation is the big selling point of this display. Most important is the "shy-ceiling-prices" scroll held by ...

Inflation. Aftermath of inflation--a foreclosure tale in Iowa in the early 1930s when "the bottom fell out of everything." Military police were on hand to keep farmers from preventing the auction

Inflation. John Law, 18th century Scotsman, credited by some historians as being "the father of inflation." Law turned gambling IOUs into "gold counters," then state debts into paper money, and finally sold ...

Barrage balloon manufacture. Fitting a manhold vent in the sidewall of a barrage balloon. These workers are putting in the final pieces of equipment on a completed barrage balloon, just prior to ...

Around the world

German and European money and scrip used during and after the first World war, 1914-1924


"Uh huh -- I'm getting worried about inflation too"

By inflation you will burst. Let well enough alone, and don't make it worse


[One approach to combating inflation could be trust-busting, fragmenting giant unions and giant corporations alike. But that's politically implausible]

[Eagle labeled "Price inflation" holding John Q. Public by the pants with its claws, while flying over Washington, D.C.; the man is waving his shirt labeled "Help!"]

News note: Bosses blame workers for inflation

[Uncle Sam closing door on inflation's foot]

"What are we fighting now -- inflation or deflation?"

"They don't entirely understand the war against inflation"