FBI informer key pros. witness, Hayneville, Alabama, Luizzo case trial


Police informers (Not Used for Indexing)

[Dr. Beach (alias). Henri LeCaron, famous Fenian informer and English spy. Head-and-shoulders portrait wearing medal on breast.]

A vile informer exposed or A light thrown on a dark subject

Dorsey, the American "informer" - he finds one willing ear

[Joseph Valachi as a bird singing to "Cosa Nostra" gangster]

Doonesbury. I wonder if I should take pictures of him for the files ...

[Angela Calomiris, photographer and FBI informant within the U.S. Communist Party]

End collaboration : Oppose the criminal law bill

[Paul Hornung, dressed like a policeman, being kissed on both cheeks by Shirley Bonne (left) and Elaine Stritch (right)]

Fighting Auschwitz : the resistance movement in the concentration camp /

Criminal investigations



Stool pigeons (Not Used for Indexing)