[Initial letter "T" and fireplace with steaming kettle]

[Boy and girl on a hill and initial letter T]

[Boy and girl with old man and initial letter J]

[Initial letter N and tailpiece]

[Initial letter D and sailing ship]

[Boy next to initial letter T and boy carrying clothes on back]

[Boy and girl in cemetery, and initial letter T around face of Puck]

[Initial letter I with mushrooms]

[Knight holding pike with banner with initial M]

[Angel, woman with bent head and outstretched arms by shore, and initial T]

[Fortifications of town, woman looking out over landscape, and initial P]

[Boy and girl with Puck near tree and initial letter D]

[Initial letter T with rat]

[Decorated initial with bearded man pointing up to the sun, moon, and stars and down to the earth; and surrounding text]

[Opening page of Aphorismi, with decorated initial V]

[Mule or donkey-drawn street car with initial T]

[Girl in armchair reading "Ritual" book and initial H]

[Poster showing Israeli Peace and Equality Movement initial and logo]

[Coachman forming initial letter "W"]

Unusual examples of festooned initials, 1900(?)