Imperishable insects created by scientists. Washington, D.C. June 18. William R. Walton, Senior Entomologist of the Division of Cereal and Forage Insects, U.S. Department of Agriculture, whose unique hobby is the making ...

Loading "dust" (insect spray) into plane of agricultural crop spraying outfit. This particular group of flying insect killers follow the seasons from Florida to Jersey to New York State. Planes are usually ...

Dr. J.A. Hyslop, of the Bur. of Entomology, Dept. of Agric., who keeps the record of damage done throughout the continent by thousands of harmful insects. These records are filed and studied ...

[Insectes singuliers]

Photographs of the circus, birds, insects, toys, a tea ceremony, Ray's fabrics, and Saul Steinberg's art

[Frogs, snails, and insects, including grasshoppers, beetles, wasps, and dragonflies]

[Large fish in water, rodent on branch with insects]

[Insects in golfing attire]

[Boar, mastiff, thistle, raspberries, lily, moths and insects]

[Seascape scene with crab, flying fish, insect, and flower]

[An insect climbing the stem of a flower]

[Abduction of man by man in armor and of woman by insect to be united in marriage]


[Donald Duck swatting an insect]

[Seventeen figures of insects and parts of their bodies]

White Plains, Greene County, Georgia. Studying insects in a classroom at the school

The Insectology Department at Iowa State is doing work on corn parasites. The two examples shown are, on the left: Cynaeus angustus. These insects feed on the whole grain. On the right: ...

Animals, birds, fish, snakes, and insects made to illustrate the 1893 Century dictionary

[Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va. - teacher and five students studying insects in the laboratory]

[Alterations to a house ("residence") for Charles L. Marlatt, 1521 16th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Carved panels - insect motifs]