Instant camera photographs

Instant cameras

Photographs documenting production of films

[Snapshot of New York City skyline with World Trade Center towers engulfed in smoke, following the September 11th terrorist attack]

[Fanny McConnell Ellison working at a computer]

[Victor Lundy]

[Little girl, sitting on cushion, posing for picture]

[Lesbian couple Kay Tobin Lahusen, photojournalist, and Barbara Gittings, activist and editor of The Ladder]

The family album of Daniel Joseph Lyon

Polaroid instant photographs (Not Used for Indexing)

Dye diffusion transfer prints


Polaroid Land cameras (Not Used for Indexing)

A high-speed photograph of Bobby Jones making an iron shot. The camera caught the club at the exact instant of impact, showing clearly the squashed ball


Dye coupler prints