Intergenerational relations

[Mao Tse-Tung]

Blondie. On to Niagra!

"Stolen sweets"-or one on papa

[Sylvia]. Hypno hotline. When you'd like to be blind to a temporary, but unpleasant situation

Fifth Avenue critics


Somebody's stenog. "Wonder if Aunt Kate thinks I got nothin' to do at lunchtime but shop for shoes for you!"

[Three generations]

Wasted generation

La Revue Comique par Jehan Testevuide, no. 13-16

Do you think grandpa ought to see that play? : Why not? he wouldn't understand the worst parts

Is that all, Mother?

[I'm sorry a son of mine, she said with dignity, had to be told how to act with his mother]

Scènes de société

A consultation Eine consultation.

[Le petit Vauxhall]

Prodigal son II

Nuevo y divertido pleito de otra suegra con su yerno

Gathering fruit