Winold Reiss Collection

Design for unidentified interior decorations, including a triangular pediment. Drawing of design in somewhat Egyptian style

Interior design drawings for room in St. George Hotel, New York, NY

Interior design drawings for unidentified rooms

Design for unidentified café with green and yellow trim. Design with tulip stencils, upholstered bentwod chair in green and yellow color scheme

Design for Café, 54 and 55th Street, New York, NY. Design in yellow, orange, and black with mural of faces

Design drawings for miscellaneous interiors, some possibly related to the Hotel St. George, New York, NY

Design for unidentified restaurant interior in blue and vermillion with mural featuring 2 female nudes and panel with tulip inserts, Drawing for "Dining Room"

Design drawings for residential building interiors

Design for mural inside of theater. Interior wall mural study

Design drawings for unidentified residence

Design for totem pole. Drawing of totem pole decoration, possibly for Longchamps Restaurant in Washington, D. C.

Design for reflected ceiling plan, Partially colored drawing for ceiling plan

Design for unidentified building "Small Dining Room". Drawing of dining room with benches, in black, vermillion and white, bilaterally positive and negative coloring

Design for décor of restaurant, 56 East 56th St, New York, NY. Drawing of suggested décor for restaurant with color elevation and murals

Designs for restaurant interior in blue and silver

Interior designs for screens and ceilings

Designs for restaurant and bar interiors with curving bars and stairways

Designs for unidentified restaurant interior, possibly Elysée restaurant, 1 East 56th St., New York, NY

Designs for apartment with basement entry in black and gold showing Spanish influence with wrought iron gate