Internal migration

Ho for Kansas! Brethren, Friends, & Fellow Citizens: I feel thankful to inform you that the real estate and Homestead Association, will leave here the 15th of April, 1878, In pursuit of ...

Mormon Row, Mormon Row Road near intersection of Antelope Flats Road, Kelly, Teton County, WY

From Maine to Florida

Hooker walk through the wilderness, 1636

[The covered wagon]

[The covered wagon]

Blacks in suburbia

Las bicicletas - el petatero

Grapes of wrath

Refugees on levee, April 17, 1897

Population of an Indian village moving

"The sun rises in the west" written and produced by Southwest Theatre Unit

The Negro exodus - Scenes on the wharves at Vicksburg

Arrival of freedmen and their families at Baltimore, Maryland - an every day scene

Emigrant party on the road to California

[The spiral sketch book for "frontier story"]


Blacks in suburbia

Blacks in suburbia