Photographs of chairs designed for the 1948 International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design

[Skiers examining glider at start of the first international competition in Swiss Alps (Jungfrau) mountainside, 1935]

[Eight members of the U.S. ski team stand in a row before participating in an international competition at Chamonix, France]

International competition

1977 Athens international film and video festival. April 15 through April 30... International film competition

[Poster for Childrens books by Hatice Polat]; [Second International Calligraphy Competition]

Our international thanksgiving dinner

"You hear anyone defend us civilians against a 'new isolationism'?"

Let the foreigner rage!

The two-faced protectionist

Doctor's orders

Weaning the baby

The American farmer - where he has to sell, and where he has to buy

"Good old John Bull! Always with his both hands in the pockets, but never in his own ....

All de world am sad and dreary ebbrywhere I roam

American triumph. A. Marschall & Co. American extra dry champagne

As usual!


5. Medjunarodno takmicenje muzicke omladine

[Tribune Tower competition entry. Rendering]