International economic assistance

"How are things in Nicaragua?"

"When do we come out with a new model?"

"Ah, nuts -- this is close enough"

"You're sure you'll send for me as soon as possible?"

"Eat hearty, lads"

"Roll those U.N. shots again, and let's get the names of the guys that are smiling"

"Maybe you shouldn't have sunk it so soon"

Poland to get U.S. economic aid

"We saved four million dollars on the U.N. Technical Assistance Program"

"It needs something at the bottom"

"Where's that old fireball?"

"A bigger boat would be too expensive"


[Men standing in line for US aid]

Counting the gains

[Nasser at the door of the Western Bank & Trust]

Road to Rome

"I sure wish you the greatest success"

"Oh, not you again!"