International economic integration

Flook. "Colonel, we've come to ask you about Europe"

The house painter has a tantrum


View from the summit

The wealth of Ireland for the people of Ireland : EEC no!

EEC : Vote no! : Don't betray the internees!

"First off, you have to stop regulating"

"Help! Save me from foreign imports!"

[At gallows, "U.S. man" trying to hang "trade deficit man" pulling lever on "dollar drop floor"]

"But in certain safety devices, we're way ahead of foreign companies"

"So there's a little blood in it -- you want to do business with us or not?"

"Clear as mud to most of us, Jack"

"Damn foreigners!"

"Wait -- I'm beginning to feel a little better"

[Man sitting in front of TV (3 frames). Frame 1 - TV screen shows US debt climbing, and newspaper with headline " no new taxes." Frame 2 - screen shows trade deficit ...

"Sending birth-control matter would be immoral"

"Nah, that same guy wouldn't mug me again"

"Could you tell us about foreign financial crisis some other time?"

Giant sucking sound