White House cops win medals in pistol shoot. Washington, D.C. June 10. In the International Police Pistol shoot held at Philadelphia, P.A. June 5th the team from the White House Police Force ...

International police

Two interesting members of the International Association [...] Police Chiefs who are visiting in Washington. George Pushkas, [...] chief of the Royal Hungarian State Police and Dr. John [...]rt, Captain of Hungarian ...

Beirut-Sabra and Chatila. A french position garding [sic] the northern entrance

Palestinian children with an Italian armoured vehicle in the background near the southern entrance

[Italian tank guarding a crossroad in Sabra and Shatila]

Ambassador Morrow thanks Mexican police for international services in returning criminals who sought refuge in Latin Republic

International Ass'n of Police Women, 1/22/25

International Ass'n of Police Women, [1/22/25]

International Ass'n of Police Women, [1/22/25]

Remove Davis from U.N. soil Paris police (top) Sept. 17, dismantle the tent in which Garry Davis, self-styled "first world citizen," was living on the international strip where the United Nations will ...

International relations

International security

International organizations

Intervention (International law)

Death masks displayed at identification convention. Sept. 29. Mrs. Clark Schilder, wife of the Chief of the Division of Identification, Federal Bureau of Investigation, inspects a death mask of a trapped criminal ...

"Help! Police! No, not you--you!"

"And we thought we knew something about police power"

Heavy police guard for Gandhi

Law enforcement