"Hmm -- I have a kind of 20-year plan too"

Chant of the complete isolationist

Non-mushroom-shaped clouds

"You know, I think people are worrying less about the recession"

"Remember when there used to be faraway places?"

"Chief, you remember that 'Great Leap Forward' at home?"

"Needs more work"

"Now, are there any democracies we haven't offended or any dictatorships we haven't cozied up to?"

"Ahem -- maybe we should introduce ourselves"

Cartoons about international relations and World War I

International relations

Containment (International relations)

[Soviet posters: anti-Perestroika; peaceful international relations (USSR & US; North Korea; Afghanistan; Armenia); anti-waste (bureaucracy & black market); conservation (Aral Sea); cultural (art show; dance troupe)]

Responsible post. Washington, D.C., Sept. 28. A post, which probably carries with it more responsibility than any other in the field of aviation, is held by Richard C. Gazley, New Chief of ...

International order of China watchers

Watching both ways

"Now, as we were saying--"

"A spot like this might be just the place for it"

Bipolar thaw

" At night, when you're asleep, into your tent I'll creep ..."