Stages own flag ceremony Gary [i.e. Garry] Davis, longtime advocate of world citizenship, waves his own "World Citizens Party" flag from atop a building across the street from United Nations headquarters, New ...

Lone member of World Citizen Party Garry Davis, stateless son of orchestra leader Meyer Davis, displays the flag of "World Citizen Party" of which he is the sole member, on site of ...

Garry Davis, 26, (above) former bomber pilot and more recently an actor, gave up U.S. citizenship 5/26 to become a citizen of the world. Son of orchestra leader Meyer Davis, he said ...

[Exodus from East Germany to West. Large stop light flashes "Stop, go, walk, don't run, wait, please"]

New world

"I just stepped out for a sandwich-Who's in and who's out of what governments now?"

Remove Davis from U.N. soil Paris police (top) Sept. 17, dismantle the tent in which Garry Davis, self-styled "first world citizen," was living on the international strip where the United Nations will ...

World government men meet Paris: Lord John Boyd Orr (left), member of the British Parliament and leader of a British committee favoring world government, shakes hands with world government enthusiast, Garry Davis ...

"They'll never get there"

[United world airlines]

He's too far out


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