Wilson & Green internet spam / Lieberman Shalala - HHS

Sec. of Senate / Sen. Warner re: Internet in Senate


Jack Valenti / White & Burns / Internet

THOMAS internet access


[Sylvia]. My last rebellion. My friends were monitoring my computer use

[Sylvia]. My last rebellion. Busted!

[Sylvia]. My last rebellion. My friends felt that if I was forced to use my computer, I would soon learn to love it

"Surprise! In this wonderful high-tech age I've come without your even calling me"

"Nobody told us about the bugs"

E-mail lobbying / Graefe

[Sylvia]. My last rebellion. Several years ago my friends discovered I'd been using my Powerbook as a flower press

Cyber Congress tour

Cyberporn / WWW / AOL

[Airplanes in front of and above hangars for Barrier, Drexel-McArdle, and Frisbie(?) aircraft manufacturers. Belmont Park air meet]

The TARIS monoplane of Jacques de Lesseps, Jan. 1910

[Danish aviator, Jacob Christian Ellehammer, in his monoplane surrounded by ground crew. Kiel, Germany. 1908]

Union of all nations

Angstens timer