Interracial marriage

Singer Sammy Davis Jr. holds the hand of his bride, actress May Britt, showing the gold wedding band he gave her, for all to see The couple were married in private ceremonies ...


East meets West

Mr. Jack Johnson & wife as "Napoleon & Josephine", at Vancouver, B.C. on their arrival from Australia

Picture shows Jack Johnson and his wife admiring the sight of Paris on the Place de la Concorde

A little game of bagatelle, between Old Abe the rail splitter & Little Mac the gunboat general

[Jack Johnson introducing his wife at the opening of his night club, "The Showboat," Los Angeles, California]

Political caricature. No. 2, Miscegenation or the millennium of abolitionism

Political caricature. No. 4, The miscegenation ball

[Wedding portrait of a World War II Corporal with his new bride, flowers in the foreground]

The Forbidden City

G.I. Japanese families

American - Japanese family

Interrracial dating

Racial purity is America's security

Interracial dating


Race relations

Miscegenation (Not Used for Indexing)

Racially mixed people