Boxes placed in Smithsonian in 1881 by telephone inventor opened for first time. Washington, D.C., Oct. Three boxes which Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, and two associates placed in the ...

Co-inventor examines new calculator. Dr. J. Presper Eckert, Jr., co-inventor of the electronic numberical integrator and computer at the University of Pennsylvania here, examines the machine's automatic control panel

Three way vehicle boom. This is what is left of a tri-phibian, a device intended to fly in the air, run on the highway, or through the water. The inventor, [...] Viachos ...

Inventor of microphone to receive Franklin Gold Medal. On May 15th, Emile Berliner, Washington Scientist, will appear for the third time [...] the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia, this time to receive their ...

A Veteran Inventor. About 6 miles from Washington, on the edge of the little hamlet of Hyattsville, Md., may be found Dr. James Harris Rogers, wizard inventor, now 80 years old, retired ...

Washington inventor says ignition interference from airplane engines is a myth. Ignition interference from airplane engines on aircraft is largely a myth according to C. Francis Jenkins, Washington, D.C., inventor who has ...

Sculpture of Charles Hard Townes in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Physicist Townes, a Greenville native and graduate of Furman University in town, is credited as the inventor of the laser

Dr. Zarchin (Israel)

[James Watt, inventor of the steam engine]

[Bernard Palissy, inventor of enamelled pottery]

[Sir Richard Arkwright, inventor of the spinning machine]

[John Heathcoat, inventor of the knitting machine]

[Inventor Jack Kilby holding integrated circuits and calculator]

Pioneer television inventor opens new radio movie broadcasting station

Famous inventors in light and sound hold get-together

American scientists and inventors

U.S. airships, balloons, pilots, balloonists, and inventors

Alois Senefelder inventor of lithography

Teenage inventors

Fort Monmouth, New Jersey - "G-string [name received from inventor's initials] opens new doors in communications"