Agricultural development in the Ivory Coast. Earth dams are being built in various areas of the Ivory Coast to conserve water during the dry season, so that the animals and crops will ...

"Hello -- Ivory Tower to White House -- Ivory Tower to White House --"

Drilling ivory--King Island

Ivory on the way from the jungle to America, Old Harbor, Mombasa, British East Africa

A description of the ivories, ancient & mediƦval,

The ivory carver--Nunivak

[Carrying off the ivory]

Detail at the residence of the Ambassador of the Ivory Coast, Washington, D.C.

Eskimo ivory carver

Ivory tusk of a walrus which was carved by an Eskimo and presented to President Taft

Miscellaneous hard carved articles

Ivory vase decorated with lacquer

[Elephants ivory saddle, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago Ill.]

[Man standing in horse-drawn wagon with 39 tusks of ivory, worth $9,000, Deep River, Conn.]

[Photographs of news events issued by the Ivory Coast ministry of information in Abidjan]

Ivory Coast people and views, 1959

You need only one soap--Ivory soap

Ivory soap--99 44/100% pure

The Ivory porter

A busy market at Agboville, Ivory Coast