Het duiveltje in het doosje

The latest out of the box

The pirate publisher - an international burlesque that has has the longest run on record

Miss Peace of the Hague: Ach! I blow in so sweet and it comes out so awful!

Up they come again!

Too much on it

I figli d'Europa Lo spauracchio /

George Wallace

Actualités. Lord Palmerston ayant besoin que les chambres lui votent des fonds pour la défense des côtes . . .

The big farce comedy, Hello Bill a whole lot of fun - in 3 hours.

"It turns up in some of the jumbo, giant more-colossal-than-ever cartoons"

Trimming the Filipino's Christmas tree

Le diablotin de John Bull

Two little fraid cats


"Cute idea, huh? I'm fixing it up to scare Truman"

Ersatz Christmas present

Uncle Sam's Indian policy - the government "ward" - "Ugh! Me got great fatehr's supplies; now me want pale face's scalp" [caricature of armed Indian coming out of jack-in-the-box "Indian reservation" and ...

Jack in the box I