View of Coos Bay Jetty from water tank near receiving wharf--Length of jetty 4800 feet

Tel Aviv. Jetty celebration, May 19, '37. Jewish sailors at the jetty

Tel Aviv. Jetty celebration, May 19, '37. Swimming contest at Tel Aviv jetty

The jetty in Fowey

Entrance to Coos Bay--Present extent of jetty--Coos Head on left; Cape Arago in distance--View from Fossil Point

General view of receiving wharf, quarters, shops, etc. at inner end of jetty

Bushū Yokohama meishō zu - Amerika bijo, hatoba

The South Pass jetties of the Mississippi

Dumping rock on jetty

View near outer end of jetty, showing revolving pile driver swinging about with pile, and train load of rock, one car dumped

[Mississippi River]: Mattress work on S.E. Jetty of S.W. Pass

R. Kelantan: Tumpat, railway godowns and jetty

[Yokohama hatoba]

Rock Jetty and the terminal at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry in Cape May, New Jersey

Southwest Pass, Mississippi Delta: Making a jetty mat

[Panorama of Tampico River and the jetties from the lighthouse]

[Entrance to jetty, Lowestoft, England]

[The jetty, I., Margate, England]

[The jetty, Yarmouth, England]

[The beach, gardens and jetty, Yarmouth, England]