This group of congressmen is organizing for a vigorous fight to put the soldier's bonus bill through the House. From left to right, seated: Abe Mudock of Utah, A.J. May of Ky., ...


"How about one more try?"

The cradle of liberty in danger

[City dump]

Problem no. 1

Walt Disney Pictures presents "Aladdin"

H-for-hysteria bomb

"Wait -- there's been some mistake!"

"Want to meet my friend too?"

"Yes, master. Whom do you wish me to strike down?"

The genie servant

Democracy's plight

Laurant magician, illusionist, entertainer.

The genii of intolerance A dangerous ally for the cause of women suffrage /

Now to get him back in the bottle

Aladdin and the wonderful lamp

Aladdin and the wonderful lamp

"Stick around -- don't go yet"

"How do you get him back in?"