Professor Douglass in his great feats of juggling, balancing, &c., &c.


"Did they say this was a balanced budget or a juggled one?"

The juggler must be getting nervous

The juggler

Unicycle juggling act

The greatest juggling act on earth

The chap-book, no. 14: the juggler sun.

Eldora, the premier equilibrist and juggler of the world

T.C. Hatter the juggling clown at the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas

The original and only, Ray Burton the greatest & most novel mid-air juggler & balancer & the only swinging wire rifle shot in the world : three great acts in one.

Bessie did a juggling act with coloured balls

[Man and woman in medieval dress juggling]

A charge of bastardy before Justice Juggle

The Irish juggler

Political jugglers. Vide Scenes at Court AD 1829

The state jugglers 1773



[Arab juggler, Algiers, Algeria]